Sunday, November 14, 2010

woah school.

so school is actually taking over my life, oh and when im not at school or studying.. im at work.

just thought i'd share a quick snapshot of my boredom with you while i take a break from note taking (y)

yeah i love my photobooth too much..
also im slowly going crazy because i changed my fb password to something i wont remember so ill stay off and not waste my time until term 1 exams are done..

apparently im in fb withdrawl tho, anyone else seriously addicted to fb??

Thursday, November 11, 2010

one of best closest friends moved away this year for uni and i miss her SO MUCH
i have a lot of people i call my friends but i only have a few i can call my bestessst friends and she's one of them

havent seen her in a few weeks but shes coming home saturday and i cannot WAIT
gonnna get fucking shit pickledddd :D

anyway she sent me this quote today and it could not describe our friendship better
we have the most obnoxious laughs.

10 years from now i wont remember every friday night or what made us laugh so hard, but i will remember that you were the one right there laughing just as loud with me.

miss you B 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

blaaaaah school

so im in first year uni and im absolutely drowning in my work..
does anyone else feel like the work load never stops??
37 days unitl complete freedom i hope this shit is worth it
1000s of dollars later and all im getting out of this is a stress headache and a serious lack of sleep.

heading to the gym soon with my extremely skinny friend who walks on the treadmill beside me while i run my ass off.. the world is so unfair

all the best bitches :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

whats upppp

welll hey anyone who may be crazy enough to read my blog :)
this is actually the first time ive ever "blogged" so you're sharing the loss of my blogging vcard with me, yaaaaaay!
my best friend actually suggested that i make a blog and try it out, i usually have so much to say and most of the time its hard to hear
i love speaking my mind and the truth and even tho that can be major dry sometimes i wouldnt change it for the world
i love talking about anything really aha boys are my fav tho and i think im really starting to understand their simple but twisted minds..

truth be with you future friends and fellow bloggers
feel free to help me out and leave comments but in the mean time,